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My Journey- by Oisin Woods

“I attended an awards night in Cork late last summer and posed for some photos to advertise the night. Some of which were posted online and I was tagged in it ....

I honestly didn't recognise the man I was looking at. I knew my weight had crept up but I didn't think I had gotten that big. I still didn't do anything about it until the last week in September when I approached Maeve at Corrib Gym and asked about the personal programmes.  I started my first one and absolutely loved it. I was dropping weight and happy with my progress, I was putting in the shifts though ... two a days at the gym and some team training outside of it, pushing myself very hard.

I was coming to the end of a programme and I saw the 60 day competition poster on the wall and decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose really ... I went in for my measurements and got the programme, I went at it straight away... I broke my week up into sections trying to hit each programme twice a week. The core was particularly tough but with the help and encouragement of everyone at the gym I stayed at it and after a few weeks the rewards started to show.

Since I've started in the gym every facet of my life has improved- Overall fitness, mental fitness and general mood and humour. I didn't sacrifice everything I still enjoy nights out and the very occasional takeaway dinner but you only get out of the gym what you are willing to put into it and I intend to get as much from it as I can.”