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We are looking for members positive gym stories on how Corrib Gym impacted and changed your life. Your story could inspire and encourage others to keep going or even start exercising.

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Major Achievement for one Corrib Gym member! Read Martins story & testimonial below...thanks to Martin a total of €220 was raised for rehab equipment for Corrib Gym!

25th July 2012,  a day that changed my life forever!

Painting the gable end of the family home at Canrower, I came into contact with live ESB wires which sent over 2000 vaults of electricity through my body. The ladder I was standing on went one way and I went the other, crashing to the ground from 15 feet in the air.

The injuries I received were near fatal. I had neck and spinal damage, a pelvic fracture, several broken ribs and a complex shoulder injury which needed major constructive surgery and re-building.

After a lengthy period of convalescence, including 16 weeks sleeping up right in an armchair, the ever increasing weight gain to my already substantial frame, resulting from such inactivity, caused great concern for the physio’s, surgeons and doctors over-seeing my recovery. It was put to me that if something was not done about it, then it would only be “a couple of years” before I could be wheelchair bound!

A visit to Merlin Park Hospital on the 22nd May 2013 showed my weight had reached 141kgs (over 22 stone in old money!!). At the time I was still unable to get around without the aid of walking sticks. I was still having trouble with all the injuries sustained, but come what may, I was determined to do something about the ever increasing weight problem.

The 23rd May- the day after the visit- I chose to do my usual 200m walk without sticks. Painful, hard, and sore as it was, I did it and increased the distance daily. I put myself on a “Crash Starvation Diet” (NOT RECOMMENDED) and lost approximately 15lbs- 16lbs.

I then consulted my GP who, though pleased, stressed the need to do things properly and work with people who know what they are doing!

He gave me a letter to take to the local Oughterard Gym and it was there, on the 10th July 2013, that I first met Maeve. She discussed the issues with me and made me realise that the programme of exercise was not going to be easy but that, working together, it was achievable.

So with the expertise of Maeve and her staff- plus the warmth and support of the current members, and the encouragement of family and friends, I worked hard on my programme.

Just under a year on and, once more, my life feels as though it has been reformed. A  further 3½ stone weight loss, a huge increase in my fitness levels and every intention of continuing the good work, I now wish to give something back.

The 25th July 2014 will be the second anniversary of that “Bad Day”. I aim, with the help of a very dear friend, who has been an inspiration, to climb Croagh Patrick. By doing this and trying to raise a bit of money for a local cause in the process, it will be my way of saying a big Thank You to all!!

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