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We would like to thank everyone who completed our recent survey.   Your feedback is very important to us as we are continuously striving to improve our service.

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the issues and suggestions raised in the survey.

Request for More Free Weights and New Equipment:

I am in the process of applying for grants to try and acquire new equipment as at this point in time we are not in a position to produce new equipment through our own cash flow.


Unfortunately the system that was installed back in 2000 means the boiler is located up in the Gym and the water has to travel quite a distance before getting to the shower area. I have discussed this with the plumber some time back but unfortunately due to the location of the boiler it is not possible to change this system. If the showers are used infrequently it takes even longer for the hot water to reach the showers. Please refer to the sign in the changing areas to assist you with the delivery of hot water.


Over the years we have introduced morning sessions for sauna/steam-room but it was not used. As the running costs such as electricity are very high, it would not be cost effective to have the Sauna/ Steamroom on all day and night.   We will of course review this again over the coming winter months.

Additional Classes:

Corrib Gym is under budgetary constraints and with our current staff numbers we just about cover the gym and all the classes.    With regard to running more classes in the mornings, please leave your name and what class you would like to attend at the Reception desk and we will review this for the Autumn schedule of classes.

Later Opening Hours:

We cut back the opening hours a few years ago due to the gym not being used during the times 2.00pm- 5.00pm.    To increase the opening hours over the weekend would impact the services we provide during the week due to staffing cover.

Thank You